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Purpose Academy of Fine Arts

Creating artists, with PASSION and PURPOSE.

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Our Story

Where It All Began

PAFA has always been a dream, but came into fruition during the whirlwind that was 2020. During one of the hardest times in our economy, our founder Ms. Crystal J. Draper, professional dancer and owner of Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy, stepped up, with courage and faith to make her dreams a reality. With this dream she formed the Purpose Performing Arts Foundation and the Purpose Academy of Fine Arts P.A.F.A,  providing a useful, necessary, colorful and refreshing service to our community.  Since opening our doors, we’ve seen our program blossom and there is so much more in store! At P.A.F.A we are committed to helping students pursue a passion for the arts. Purpose Academy of Fine Arts provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success in academics and the arts. Browse through our site to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Purpose Academy of Fine Arts is a unique Private Enrichment Academy for students who have a strong personal interest in the arts and a desire to further pursue higher learning and a profession in the Fine Arts or Performing Arts. PAFA students will receive individualized educational curriculums that are centered around Art, Music, Drama, and Dance and will prepare them to develop their skills and talents through an integrated arts and academic program that combine a critical thinking and a whole person developmental approach to learning.

Vision Statement

Purpose Academy of Fine Arts will consist of Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Education in the academics and Arts for select students that wish to excel in the Fine Arts and Performing Arts. Primary, Intermediate and Secondary students will study each art form and may also audition for the “arts focus” of their choice which they will declare as a major and/or minor.  A student declaring a major will receive more focus on any particular art form combined with their academic curriculum. We aim to develop the students at PAFA, academically, artistically, socially and spiritually. PAFA offers a safe, comforting intimate setting, with small class sizes and more attention on YOUR child. Our passionate educators are dedicated to building independent, responsible, and creative young adults with a life-long interest and passion for the arts. We believe that arts education is crucial in the contribution to life, and the well- being of our community and our society as a whole.

P.A.F.A Team

Where the Passion Begins

Our faculty members are passionate and committed to our Purpose! In every course they teach, they bring their rich experience, knowledge and passion to the classroom. All of our staff members hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher and have at least three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience. We make sure that all of our employees posses the special skills, knowledge, and expertise that qualifies them to provide the best education for your child.


Crystal J. Draper

Owner/ Dean of Students

Crystal J. Draper, Founder, owner director and President of Purpose Performing Arts Foundation began her studies in dance at the young age of two. She graduated high school as a dance major from the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati Ohio and  in 1999 and went on to attain her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance from Shenandoah University and Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia. After College, Ms. Crystal moved to Florida and she began Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy (KEDA) in Daytona Beach where she has been teaching and directing for the past 20 years. Ms. Crystal performed professionally and internationally with the Surfscape Contemporary Dance theater from 2015- 2018 as a principle dancer. She has been the Artistic director and choreographer for the Expressions Children's Dance Performance  Company since 2004. Ms. Crystal’s heart is for the community and giving back through her passion for the arts and education. It has always been a dream of Crystal’s to tie together her passion for the the arts with an educational program. Ms. Crystal is excited to grow this uniqe program and  glad to head this journey with her PAFA team.


Tamela Kemp

Director of Academics and Curriculums

Ms. Tammy grew up in central Florida and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education. She has worked in the field of education for 36 years in teaching, curriculum writing, directing and administrative roles with K- 12 learners in the US and internationally. Her most recent position was Director of MEET and Mentor Community Learning Center. Tammy has two daughters and has lived in the Port Orange area for 8 years. Other passions include her faith, spending time with family, reading and travel.


Raquel Simmons

Tier 1 instructor/ Teacher Liason

Raquel is a Florida native who graduated from Spruce Creek High School and Daytona State College with her AA and AS degrees. After working three years in the medical field as a Physical Therapist Assistant, she decided to pursue her passion for teaching and working with children. She spent the last 4 years working as a mentor at MEET and Mentor Community Learning Center. Raquel is married to Skip and together they have a 6-year-old son, Colt. Her other passions include her faith, family, art, dance, and reading.


Jessie Michel

Music/ Drama Instructor

Jessie was born in Misssouri  into a vocally talented family. Her mother was her inspiration to the world of music. Jessie has been singing and performing in front of audiences since she was 8 years old. She has studied in depth multiple  musical instruments including piano and flute and has been teaching voice for over 10 years. Jessie also has an extensive background in the theater on the stage as well as back stage. Ms Jessie has been acting coaching for the past 6 years and has a passion for directing students to reach their highest potential on and off the stage.


Trish Ricklick

Kindergarten Instructor

Mrs. Trish has been part of the PAFA family for two years. She started out teaching first grade and is now over our  PAFA Kindergartners. Mrs. Trish has had a love for teaching the young ones since she was in elementary school. Mrs. Trish completed her early childhood education degree at UCF. Her drive,  her co workers and her students is what makes her enjoy teaching at PAFA every day.


Rechara Groves

Tier 2 Instructor

Mrs. Groves is a graduate of Florida State University with a masters degree in education. She has 10 years of teaching experience including classroom teacher, Reading coach, and a homeshool teacher-mom. Mrs. Groves is excited to join the PAFA team!


Pam Tesh

Physical Education/ Health

Ms. Pam is originally from North Carolina and a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. She is a retired Physical Education teacher of 25 years. She is the  proud mom of two kids and a grandma of 5 children. Ms. Pam  is excited to work with our PAFA students in their Physical education.


Darian Swirka

Dance/ Art Instructor

Miss Darian is a proud member of the PAFA Family. She teaches Art and dance to PAFA's Tier 1 and  2 students, and creative writing to tier 3 students. Miss Darian has almost 17 years of dance experience and is currently taking various arts and writing courses at Daytona State College. When it comes to teaching, Miss Darian ensures that every student reaches their full potential. She adores her students and coworkers at PAFA and does her best to uplift those around her.


Lex St. Maria

Tier 2 Instructor

Before coming to PAFA, Ms. Lex was a tutor with 8 years of experience and a passion for making education fun! Ms. Lex majored in Elementary Education at Daytona State College where she obtained an Associate of Arts degree. Ms Lex has experience in education with  children of all ages, including children with learning disabilities. Ms. Lex is thrilled to work with her students at PAFA  and be a part of the PAFA team!


Kimber Schweke

Science Instructor/ Team Tutor

Ms. Kimber is an experienced educator, behavioral therapist, and care giver. She is a mother and has been teaching in Volusia County for the last 4 years. Ms. Kimber is also a classically trained singer. Ms. Kimber is looking forward to fostering a love of learning in the students at PAFA.

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Now Enrolling

P.A.F.A is now enrolling for our 2022- 2023 school season! Contact us today to get started!!

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After School Classes at

Classes fro 5:00pm- 8:00pm in Dance, Music and Drama!!


Now accepting Scholarships

Accepting Scholarships for student tuition in the 2022/2023 school season. Email for more information!

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"What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath, as a work of ART in progress? Imagine that you are a Masterpiece unfolding every second of every day, a work of ART taking form with every breath."

Thomas Crum

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P.A.F.A Programs


Tier 1

Kindergarten/ Early Elementary

Tier 1 students are a part of our Discovery Program. This program is designed for our early learners and offers Core Academics in Math, Literacy, Science, and Social studies as well as an introductory exploration curriculum to all the the arts. Students will learn the basics in each art form in order to build and nurture a passion for the arts as a whole. Not only will students receive individualized academic curriculums but, through their exploration of Art, Music, Drama, and Dance, students will be guided to discover the art form that they excel most in as well.


Tier 2

Elementary/ Early Middle School

Tier 1 students are also a part of our Discovery Program. This program is designed for our early learners and offers Core Academics in Math, Literacy, Science, and Social studies as well as an introductory exploration curriculum to all the the arts. Students will learn the basics in each art form in order to build and nurture a passion for the arts as a whole. Not only will students receive individualized academic curriculums but, through their exploration of Art, Music, Drama, and Dance, students will be guided to discover the art form that they excel most in as well. As the students reach middle school more indepentant learning as well as finding an arts focus is encouraged.

Hand Stand During Dance Performance

Tier 3

Middle/ High School

Tier 3 Students are a part of our Pursuit program.These students have  a college styled work schedule where Students learn more independently with readily available tutors for each academic study. Within the arts, the Pursuit program students select an Arts Major and Minor to focus on and pursue. Tier 3 students have dual enrollment and online curriculum options for continued education.


Online (Homeschool) Program

Ages 8-18

The Online Program is designed for our learners that complete their academic studies virtually through FLVS or any other ‘Homeschool” program. Students will be tutored through their individual online learning curriculums, as well as receive the integrated Fine Arts curriculum. This program is designed for Homeschool students who wish to continue their own homeschool program but in a classroom setting with more social opportunities.

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Our Courses

At Purpose Academy of Fine Arts, we cover a full-range of courses across all levels of creativity and education. As a School for the Arts, we teach a variety of classes in the arts as well as academics spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of their field.



 Students who major in dance at P.A.F.A will study the fundamentals of dance in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop technique as well as composition and choreography. Students will study choreographers and professional dancers, dance history as well as learn choreography for routines to be performed at various events.



Art through drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic design and photography. Students will study art appreciation as well as art history.



Music majors at P.A.F.A can study vocal or instrumental music with focus on the introductory study and appreciation of music with classes in theory, composition and music history.



Drama majors at P.A.F.A will learn the fundamentals of theater by studying plays, and other dramatic works, as well as learn about, and gain appreciation for art history, playwriting, acting and directing.



Students who major in Creative Writing at P.A.F.A will focus on the process and techniques of original composition in various literary forms such as short stories and poetry and novels.



Technical theater encompasses all that goes into making a staged production. Students who major in Tech Theater at P.A.F.A will study lighting, scenery, sound, costuming, photography, graphic design and stage design.



All PAFA students in addition to their Arts classes will study all required core academics such as Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Students use Khan Academy curriculum as well individualized custom curriculums.

PAFA Schedule


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Registration Form

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Get in touch today to find out more about our admissions, faculty, educational opportunities and more.

3100 S. Ridgewood Ave. Suite 200


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Refund Policy

**When you reserve a place in our programs, that space is saved for your student. Spaces are allotted on a first pay, first reserved basis. We may refuse other students into our programs, based on your reservation. For this reason we follow a NO REFUND POLICY for any program affiliated with the Academy.**

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